Hiking & Adventure

When it comes to hiking and adventure, there are so many possibilities in Ghana West Coast!

… On Land
You can hike or cycle between towns and villages; you can also hike or cycle through traditional livelihood sites, farmlands and lush plantations; and you can hike or cycle into forests and wetlands; just as you can hike or cycle to forts and other attractions. You can hike along coastal paths, and you can hike up hills to obtain amazing panoramic views of the coastline and countryside. At Ankasa, you can enjoy a foot safari through the conservation area, visiting the observation posts, staff camps, numerous plant attractions, and water bodies. While hiking, your guide will tell you about the various plant species. Remember to keep your eyes open for a glimpse of local wildlife!

For those interested in wildlife observation and conservation, there are opportunities to take a nocturnal ‘turtle walk’ along the beach, to see the endangered marine turtles laying their eggs, and even to join in on the turtle conservation efforts (between August and March, with the peak period lasting from October to December). You can also hike on birding trails with a tour guide. Remember, though, the best times to see the birds are early in the morning and early in the evening.

… Over Water
With trained tour guides, you can take a cruise across rivers, lakes, ponds and lagoons. You will enjoy paddling in a traditional wooden dugout canoe or boat, as you marvel at the fascinating eco-system. In some cases, you will be allowed to try your hand at hook-and-line fishing. If you are feeling very adventurous, you can go on a fishing expedition with local fishermen, in their colourful dugout canoes powered by outboard motors. Out at sea, you might see flying fish jumping out of the waves, and between September and December, you might spot dolphins or small groups of whales. Feel free to help the crew draw in their nets to bring in their catch! If deep sea fishing is rather your game, you can arrange to go on a deep sea fishing trip with a private sector operator (such as Kedas Lodge).

The stilt village of Nzulezo affords an unusual kind of water adventure, as do the river rapids within Ankasa Conservation Area.







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